29th January 2017

Positive Material Identification

To help protect our own products from inferior, low-cost imitations, we have launched a method of Positive Material Identification (PMI) for our Devlon advanced engineering thermoplastics. 

The PMI Technology is a microscopic additive incorporated within the Devlon material that can be identified from the smallest sample of material – including fine swarf shavings.  The additive can even be detected in parts that may have been melted or burnt during use.

The properties of Devlon are not in any way altered or compromised by PMI Technology, though its inclusion now means that genuine Devlon can be identified quickly and easily.

In addition to being able to analyse material samples at our headquarters in Scotland, we can also provide a service to customers that allows material to be tested on site by James Walker personnel.  This will be done with portable PMI analysers and is ideal in cases where immediate results are imperative or the material may have already been installed in an assembly.

Devlon Polymers Positive Material Identification Guide