27th January 2017

Our Industries

James Walker Devol supplies a wide range of products and materials into a number of different markets and industries globally. In this section are some examples of areas where our components are currently in existence and already offering a range of customer benefits.


MetallurgicalJames Walker Devol has been supplying parts into the metallurgical industry for a number of years. The tough and hard wearing nature of our thermoplastic materials means they are well suited for use in rolling mills and their secondary processes.

Devlon materials offer lightweight handling for ease of installation, as well as long operational life and reduced maintenance requirements in many applications. Coupled with reduced wear on mating parts, the elimination of corrosion and the ability to run without lubrication, it is not difficult to see why many customers are choosing to replace traditional metal parts.

Typical areas of application within this industry are hot and cold strip rolling mills, wire and fine section mills, zinc coating lines, pickling lines and lubrication and de-greasing lines.

Typical applications…

  • Thrust collars
  • Mandrel segments for uncoiling/recoiling mandrels
  • Spindle slippers
  • Chock wear plates
  • Drive coupling blocks and inserts
  • Table and accumulator rolls

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Mining and Quarrying

Mining and QuarryingJames Walker Devol supplies a range of components into the mining and quarrying sector. These components are used in end products such as telescopic cranes, heavy duty vehicles, forklift trucks and container carriers.

Due to the harsh operating environments that these parts experience, their reliability and effectiveness is crucial. Devlon offers many advantages over traditional steel or bronze materials, including reduced service downtime, excellent wear resistance, an outstanding resistance to corrosion and significant cost savings.

Typical applications…

  • Wear pads
  • Pulleys and sheaves
  • Rollers
  • Various bushes, including: oscillating hitch bushes, bucket pivot and linkage bushes, axle pivot bushes and hydraulic cylinder bushes

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OffshoreJames Walker Devol has a vast experience in offshore oil and gas applications. Our proprietary Devlon range of materials are amongst the toughest and most resilient thermoplastics available as well as having an almost neutral buoyancy, making them ideal for use in the most demanding subsea environments.

Major operators and OEMs in the oil and gas industry specify our Devlon V-API material for use in critical applications. They also rely on our engineering knowledge and expertise when developing solutions for bespoke applications in offshore projects. Crucially, we can also offer documentation and QA to meet customer and offshore industry requirements.

Typical applications…

  • Valve seats
  • Flowline bundle spacers
  • Pipe-in-pipe centralisers
  • ROV and wellhead components
  • Riser/umbilical and piggy back clamps
  • Tension pads

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RailJames Walker Devol has been working with engineers and designers in the rail industry for over 25 years and has continued to pioneer the use of thermoplastics to offer customers a range of benefits.

Many of the components supplied into the rail industry are directly interchangeable with materials such as bronze and steel. Not only are thermoplastics more cost effective, component life is extended and parts are considerably lighter and easier to handle.

James Walker Devol recognises the safety critical nature of parts supplied to the rail industry and works closely with customers to ensure 100% confidence in every product.

Typical applications…

  • Bushes
  • Bearings
  • Wear pads
  • Wear plates
  • Liners

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ValvesJames Walker Devol has an extensive working relationship with the valve industry. The main products that are supplied into this industry are valve seats and inserts, manufactured from our Devlon V-API material.

Considered to be a superior valve seat material, Devlon V-API offers a cost effective solution with improved performance.

Devlon V-API is widely specified by valve manufacturers and has also gained approval for use by major oil and gas producers. The unique formula allows the material to perform at higher pressures and temperatures than the majority of soft seat materials.

In addition to Devlon V-API, James Walker Devol also offers a full range of valve seat inserts in other materials.

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