29th January 2017

Counterfeit Awareness

There is only one authentic Devlon V-API – Beware of counterfeit Devlon V-API

Devlon advanced engineering thermoplastics are only manufactured at one location – in our headquarters in Scotland. Developed by us in the 1980s, Devlon V-API is specially formulated to match the demands of high pressure / temperature applications and is now widely specified in the Oil & Gas industry for applications including valve seat inserts, clamps and bundle spacers. Our product formulations have never been revealed to any third party manufacturer and no other company has ever been granted a manufacturing licence.Devlon-V-API-Valve-Seats

Don’t risk a catastrophic failure – The use of counterfeit and substandard products is a total gamble with plant performance – putting production processes, the environment and potentially even lives at risk. Following reports of a number of product failures, it has come to our attention that sub-standard copies of Devlon V-API and being offered to OEMs and end users for valve inserts, clamps and bundle spacer applications. To ensure quality and safety are maintained, insist on certified, original materials and products. We can easily test and identify our own material’s unique signature so please contact us if you have any doubts over the authenticity of any Devlon material you are offered.

Enforced changes in China – The occurrence of non-original Devlon V-API appears to be particularly prominent in the Chinese market and whilst we have successfully prevented the unauthorised use of our brand name outside China, within that country the authentic product is now only sold under the name JW DV-API.

Devlon V-API Valve Seats Guide