27th January 2017

About Us

For almost 50 years, James Walker Devol has strived to offer customers innovative solutions through our vast experience in thermoplastic engineering. At James Walker Devol we do not simply manufacture components to customer specification – we work in tandem with customers to identify and analyse areas where we think our materials could offer both performance improvements and cost savings.

About UsWe have developed specific engineering teams who possess an intimate knowledge of our customer’s applications across various industries and sectors. These teams provide a complete project management service – including intensive on-site value engineering analyses and bespoke solutions designed to meet the exact needs of our customers.

Bespoke manufacturing facilities also mean James Walker Devol has complete control of the manufacturing process – from the material casting through to the finished machined components. Using the most modern equipment, James Walker Devol can tailor make products on both small and large scales. We have the capacity to mould, cast and machine components from 10mm diameter to in excess of 2,000mm. Individual components can weigh up to 1,000kg each.

We have invested heavily in materials development and testing, with specific laboratories for these purposes contained within our 8,200m facilities. As well as the capability to perform standard material tests, we have the flexibility and expertise to develop factory acceptance testing (FAT) as required.

Whatever your requirements, James Walker Devol will ensure that our products provide the optimum solution.